rtc.h File Reference
#include "pico.h"
#include "hardware/structs/rtc.h"

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typedef void(* rtc_callback_t) (void)


void rtc_init (void)
 Initialise the RTC system.
bool rtc_set_datetime (datetime_t *t)
 Set the RTC to the specified time. More...
bool rtc_get_datetime (datetime_t *t)
 Get the current time from the RTC. More...
bool rtc_running (void)
 Is the RTC running?
void rtc_set_alarm (datetime_t *t, rtc_callback_t user_callback)
 Set a time in the future for the RTC to call a user provided callback. More...
void rtc_enable_alarm (void)
 Enable the RTC alarm (if inactive)
void rtc_disable_alarm (void)
 Disable the RTC alarm (if active)