API Documentation
These are the libraries supplied in the Raspberry Pi Pico SDK
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 Hardware APIs
 channel_configDMA channel configuration
 interp_configInterpolator configuration
 sm_configPIO state machine configuration
 pio_instructionsPIO instruction encoding
 High Level APIs
 fifoFunctions for the inter-core FIFOs
 lockoutFunctions to enable one core to force the other core to pause execution in a known state
 critical_sectionCritical Section API for short-lived mutual exclusion safe for IRQ and multi-core
 lock_coreBase synchronization/lock primitive support
 mutexMutex API for non IRQ mutual exclusion between cores
 semSemaphore API for restricting access to a resource
 timestampTimestamp functions relating to points in time (including the current time)
 sleepSleep functions for delaying execution in a lower power state
 alarmAlarm functions for scheduling future execution
 repeating_timerRepeating Timer functions for simple scheduling of repeated execution
 pico_utilUseful data structures and utility functions
 datetimeDate/Time formatting
 Third-party Libraries
 tinyusb_deviceTinyUSB Device-mode support for the RP2040
 tinyusb_hostTinyUSB Host-mode support for the RP2040
 Networking Libraries
 pico_lwipWrapper libraries for lwIP
 cyw43_driverDriver used for Pico W wireless
 cyw43_llLow Level CYW43 driver interface
 Runtime Infrastructure
 boot_stage2Second stage boot loaders responsible for setting up external flash
 pico_cxx_optionsNon-code library controlling C++ related compile options
 pico_stdio_semihostingExperimental support for stdout using RAM semihosting
 pico_stdio_uartSupport for stdin/stdout using UART
 pico_stdio_usbSupport for stdin/stdout over USB serial (CDC)
 pico_standard_linkStandard link step providing the basics for creating a runnable binary
 External API Headers